General Activities

The EANM Radiopharmacy Committee (RPC) consists of members of the EANM who are mostly radiopharmacists or radiochemists from different countries and have a proven record of experience in the field of radiopharmacy. New members of the Committee are recruited regularly via open calls through the EANM office. The election of new members is based on knowledge and experience but as well on the aim to keep both a geographical as well as gender balance.

It has been set up by EANM for the purpose of providing information, training and advice about radiopharmaceutical sciences to people interested in and work within the nuclear medicine field.

A main task of the Committee is the preparation of guidance documents on the proper manufacturing and use of radiopharmaceuticals. Therefore, the Committee has nominated a guideline representative that takes care of the drafting and editing process. The EANM Scientific Programme Representative is responsible for the planning and organization of the scientific and continuous medical education programme of the EANM Annual Congresses. A further commitment of the Committee is to provide regular information on actual radiopharmacy related topics  to the public via Internet (website, facebook etc.) but as well to other EANM organs.These tasks are taken care of by a dedicated website/public relations representative in close collaboration with the Chair of the RPC. In addition to that, the RPC is actively involved in the educational programme of EANM, i.e. the European School of Multimodality Imaging & Therapy (ESMIT) by providing webinars and courses on radiopharmacy related topics. In that context it is noteworthy that the RPC is the overseeing institution for the certified postgradual Course on Radiopharmacy that consists of three modules covering the most important topics that a radiopharmacist should have knowledge of, bridging the gap between the educational profiles of pharmacists and radiochemists. These duties are coordinated by the ESMIT representative in collaboration with the Chair of the Committee.