EANM Radiopharmacy Committee

The mission of the EANM Radiopharmacy Committee is to

  • Develop guidelines, guidances and recommendations for preparation of radiopharmaceuticals
  • Contribute to the organization of the scientific and educational sessions of the annual EANM Congress
  • Organize an annual Interest Group meeting at the annual EANM congress to assure a sustainable exchange with EANM radiopharmacists/radiochemists and other interested individuals
  • Provide education and training programs for scientists and trainers in radiopharmacy field (ESMIT)
  • Provide advice on radiopharmacy related questions from EANM members
  • Secure radiochemists/radiopharmacists interests within EANM
  • Establish cooperation with other scientific societies (i.e SNMMI, ISRS,…)
  • Interact with the European and International Official Regulatory Bodies (EMA, edqm, CHMPPIC/SICH) to ensure proper evaluation and feedback on regulation and legislation with regard to radiopharmaceutical preparation and use
  • Interact with other EANM Committees